Friday, June 10, 2011

Ingrid in the Bathroom/WC/Restroom/Toilet/Loo

Hello everyone! I'm back.

Once again from a long hiatus, but I am back none-the-less. How is everyone? Still in love w
ith Ingrid Bergman? I know I am. I might be even more smitten these days... Because I have been at some events that showcased her beautiful face, talent and persona. Let me fill you in...

I went to a Los Angeles crew screening of the new movie Bridesmaids. It was at the Westwood Theater here in L.A. and in the bathroom I found a funny and pleasant surprise... Photos of Ingrid from Casablanca! After I stopped laughing, I took a photo of the photo and freaked out several ladies waiting in line. It was worth taking the picture though. Just made me feel more connected to Ingrid, this time in a truly intimate setting. Lol.

I think this is appropriate, don't you? It's not like she was hanging over or near the toilets. Just in the powder/waiting room outside. It was cute and I liked it. The movie was awesome too.

The second thing I would like to post about... Is the TCM Classic Film Festival... but now that I think about it-- I think I'm going to keep you in suspense and work on a post solely dedicated to that event. HINT: It was fun :)

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