Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello everyone-
I hope you are all living it up somewhere, sleeping soundly, or maybe just on the internet like I am for your new year's eve. I'm not a big fan of this holiday, so I spent it with my parents. I am on the East Coast right now seeing family and friends. I go back to film school soon... and this past year has been a crazy one and one that has only deepened my love of cinema and the world of movies.
Though I haven't been the avid blogger I once was, I still love Ingrid Bergman as much as I did when I was more frequently posting.

I would like to tell you all that reading about classic film, writing about it and, of course, watching it has enhanced my abilities and knowledge at film school. I actually schooled this person, who shall remain nameless...
Here's my side of the story:

The person I was working with did a completely horrific job writing a script and was leaving everything until the last minute. I was trying to cut together a decent film noir and he was clueless... well... it came to "do you even know what your story is about?" and he didn't.
I literally chewed the man out by noting how Hitchcock's Notorious was pieced together-- plot point by plot point, detail by detail...
Well he was stunned. Left out to dry. I had had enough.
My editing teacher just looked at me, said "Very good." then slow clapped.
That's right. Slow clapped. If you don't know what this is-- google "movie slow clap" I'm sure something will come up.

I would like to thank the ghosts of Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Hecht, Alma Hitchcock, and what the hell... Cary Grant and Claude Raines (for good measure).

I hope everyone made a New Year's resolution to watch more Ingrid Bergman films or just classic films in general. Keep the art alive and feel free to comment.


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Bargalloneta said...

Happy new year from Barcelona!!!
Bon any nou!!!!!!!!

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