Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 96th Birthday and RIP Ingrid Bergman

Today is a bittersweet day for any Ingrid Bergman fan. It marks the 96th birthday of our beloved star but it also marks the 29th anniversary of her death.

Personally, I think it's amazing that she lived her live in an exact fashion. Her life was full of so much drama and was, at times, more tumultuous than anyone should have to deal with and to finish in such a clean way, seals the deal.

To me, Ingrid is a personal hero. She has such an interesting life story and was hanging out with the coolest people during a century that was such a fast paced, artistic yet square place to exist. She faced a rare problem of being an icon almost just off the bat and then was publicly demonized.

She was in some of the most beautiful and famous movies ever made. Her face was captured by film, photos, art (Warhol) and admired by youn
g and old. She was friends with Hemingway and romanced with Robert Capa. She worked with Hitchcock, David O. Selznick, Victor Fleming among others. Was on screen with Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Bing Crosby, Liv Ulman, and of course, Humphrey Bogart. She won 3 Oscars and an Emmy. A pretty impressive life.

She has touched us all enough to read about her 29 years after her passing. I never met her, you probably didn't either. But we've all read or watched her so much that she has made it beyond the eyes and brain and into the soul. That's major Ingrid power.
Today is a day to keep Ingrid on the brain. Watch your favorite Ingrid movie, listen to Woody Guthrie or "As Time Goes By" and just soak it up. You'll have a to wait another year to honor her birth and death. Just another thing I admire about her, efficiency.

Thank you Ingrid for giving me inspiration and someone to admire. I am now in the film industry as well and forging ahead. I'd like to paraphrase what Pia said about her mother... "She was like a train on the tracks. If you weren't on board, get out of her way."

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman.


Clara said...

I didn't know that song about her, thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday, Ingrid...and RIP.

stefmagura said...

I know noone asked me to volunteer this information, but the guy singing is English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg. He wrote the melody. This song is one Woody Guthrie only wrote the lyrics too.

About Ingrid herself: I always liked her, but knowing that she and I share the same birthday somehow makes that connection a little more special. :D

And that's a nice tribute you wrote. :)

Bargalloneta said...

I've remember Ingrid too. She is my favorite actress

greetings from Barcelona

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