Friday, August 29, 2014

9 Moments From Ingrid Bergman on her 99th Birthday

Aside from all the moments in Ingrid's work, there are a few that come to mind that are a bit out of the ordinary. This list changes, but I thought I'd give 9 of them to you on her 99th birthday!

9. The champagne scene from "Anastasia." Because all they serve there is champagne.

8. The dancing scene from "Cactus Flower." The film is scored by Johnny Williams (aka John Williams) and why aren't we still doing these moves? I am. I'm still doing these moves.

7. The patriotism scene from "Notorious." I've used this line too many times. It's fantastic, especially after a night of drinking and driving.

6. The bed scene from "Indiscreet." "When Harry Met Sally" totally stole this technique from Stanley Donen, but I'm not complaining. It's sexy, funny and WORKS.

5. The Chopin scene from "Autumn Sonata." This one isn't funny, but it's one of the most moving scenes in her work. Liv Ullmann, Ingmar Bergman and Ingrid Bergman all in the same room, plus Ingrid shows off how she can tickle the ivories. 

4. The dream sequence from "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." This is a colorized version, which normally I'm not a fan of, but in this case, it makes it more terrifying and creepy. Ivy is a hot mess, and I think that's great.   

3. The piano scene from "Intermezzo." Women can play piano faster than men can play violin. Also, never hire a hot piano teacher because she will steal your husband and your children will love her more.

2. The dancing scene from "Indiscreet." Cary Grant hopping around like an idiot and Ingrid pretending to be mad at him. Two words: Gold dress. 

1. The psychotic break scene from "Gaslight." You know you've earned your Oscar when they coin a phrase after your performance, and I'm not just "gaslighting" you about this one.  

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