Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is a clip of Ingrid Bergman presenting Ray Milland with his "Oscar." (during a rehearsal)

I guess she messed up the speech, or someone threw off the speech taping... you'll notice it in the beginning. I think it's a little glimpse into Ingrid's personality...she probably had it down, knew what to do, and was ready...then someone threw off her groove. NO ONE THROWS OFF INGRID'S GROOVE!! lol.
Enjoy this clip as well as Ingrid's Academy Awards for 1944's Gaslight

...and 1956's Anastasia

Clip here

Cary Grant is all the way on the right holding the Academy Award he accepted for Ingrid. Ingrid said in her auto/biographies that she was in the tub when she won (in Europe) and her son Robertino ran in and told her that he heard her name on the radio. The child did not speak English so didn't quite know what was happening, but Ingrid told the story for laughs, because she accepted one of her Oscars from afar, naked. Lol.


Emily said...

One day I hope I can see Cary's acceptance of the Oscar on behalf of Ingrid. I've read that the applause was thunderous, and that Cary said such nice words to Ingrid in his speech (not knowing that she was NAKED at the time, LOL).

Lolita said...

I love when she receives her Oscar for Murder on the Orient Express! "It's always nice to win an Oscar." Haha.

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