Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have 21 "Followers" as of today! I am very excited!

Every one of you has helped me to be inspired to write about our favorite leading lady, Ingrid Bergman.

I am working on some new posts with new information and I have just submitted a request to be added to the Official Ingrid Bergman page!
Hopefully we'll be on their Tributes Page soon enough!

Thanks again for your support and feel free to tell your friends!


Millie said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations! This is an amazing blog...

Sheri said...

Congrats Alexis!

Emily said...

This wonderfully amazing blog of yours deserves to have lots of followers - congrats, Alexis! :D
(ps. I'm a follower too, except I don't use google dashboard or whatever that's called! :p

Christie said...

make that twenty-two followers. I stumbled upon this blog earlier today and i fell in love. I am totally obsessed with legendary Ingrid Bergman. I'm so happy to see someone dedicate a blog to her. Its nice to see other Ingrid fans out there This blog is fantastic! :)


Alexis said...

Thanks everyone~!

YEY Chritsie! I'm glad you stumbled my blog! Hope you like things around here! Glad to find another Ingrid fan as well!

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I think that blogs dedicated to one star have a better chance of "taking off", as fans of a given performer want to find "the place" for their obsession. The Carole & Co. blog is a great example of this, as is Classic Montgomery. It also gives you wiggle room to occasionally talk about Ingrid's co stars, her fellow actors, and the era in which she lived. I hope you stick with this and update frequently, as you will find even more interest.

Kinga said...


I love you blog very much, I think you've already noticed it, right? ;)

keep up the good work! it's always so nice in here (especially when you should do some boring interpreting stuff at the university, LOL;))


ma.labado said...

Thanks 4 this page, i'm very excited i found it,
keep the nice work,
greeting from argentina

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