Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ingrid as Hedda

Check out my post about my love of Henrik Ibsen--there's a special Ingrid treat for anyone who hasn't seen Hedda Gabler!


Millie said...

I've never seen this before. But, my library has a copy of it (amazing, considering they never have ANYTHING I want). I'll check it out.

Kinga said...

oh, I also like Ibsen! and my fav is Hedda Gabler, though I like Dollhouse, too. I own this DVD and I'm glad IB does it well in it, but I don't like the directing. I saw this play years ago in Hungary and it was fantastic. Also, last year I saw Ghosts but it was very badly directed and in spite of the fact that my favourite Catalan actress was in the leading role it was a complete disaster :(

(I was on a holiday, that's why i didn't comment on your blog before. But now, as you can see, I've caught up with it ;))

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