Thursday, July 1, 2010

I know, I know!

Hey everyone--

I was just watching Gaslight and I realized I have so much to do on the blog! I am really going to work on getting some fabulous posts up in the next few days. I'll even work on trying to tackle Casablanca. I have never dealt with a movie that has such iconic pull-- so I'm thinking it might just be me doing crazy commentary-- let me know what you think about that... I'd love some input.
Hope everyone is doing well and I'll give you some Ingridly love as soon as possible :)


Millie said...


Oooh! Casablanca sounds cool!

Ruby said...

Hey Alexis, why don't you do some kind of list or meme like the reasons I love Ingrid or curiosities, things about her I mean, I don't know well but you always have good ideias to post, of cours you msut go on with the movies essays they are really good, but some posts like that would be fun. Just some tips.
I wish I could speak English fluently...

Alexis said...

@Millie- Thanks-- I'm going to get it done soon!

@Ruby- That's a great suggestion! I'll definitely put up a post like that... it would be great for everyone to respond with why they also love Ingrid or share their stories. Thanks again! :) (PS... your English is fantastic, don't worry about that! I'm impressed by anyone who can speak more than one language...and jealous!)

teena sirvi said...

immobilier casablanca

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