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Ruby's Idea

One of our fellow Ingrid Fans, Ruby, had a marvelous suggestion under one of the comments of a recent post. She suggested that I write about who, what, why, where, when & how about Ingrid. Or in her (better) words "..the reasons I love Ingrid or curiosities, things about her I mean..."

So I am going to tell you about my reasons for loving Ingrid Bergman and what I am out to find or figure out thanks to her life or about her life. But let me tell you, the fun doesn't stop there, no way. I want YOU to respond with what Ingrid Bergman has done for you and what you do for her. How has she affected you? When did you start adoring her life, work, spirit, etc.? Anything Ingrid is welcome. I would like to hear from you in the comments, on Twitter, Tumblr, or send me a post that you have posted on your blog... I'll repost it (PUBLICITY for your blog. Yay!).

Here goes nothing:
What: My "Ingrid Friedel Bergman-Lindstrom-Rossellini-Schmidt Addiction/Fandom"

How/Who: I discovered Ingrid Bergman purely by accident, well I'd say more, the stars aligned and new light was shed in my life, but less dramatically-- by accident.

I have always been a fan of classic television and film. My parents influenced and encouraged this, as well as, participated in the hobby. I was watching TCM one night and came across this film Gaslight. As most of us know, this was Ingrid's first Oscar win, Angela Lansbury's first film, Charles Boyer's (looking handsome as ever) and Ingrid's first (of many) paring and directed by the fabulous George Cukor.

When I saw it, it was just a really creepy movie that kept getting better and better.

I consider myself lucky to have seen this as my first Ingrid film. She is spectacular. I mean her singing and jovial nature juxtaposed with her screaming and insanely amazing "knife scene" at the end. Brilliance in a can (literally, since film was canned in those days... hehe... film nerd joke!). I, then, decided that I was going to find all of Ingrid Bergman's films. With research and breaking my former thoughts of her just being a blown up icon-- how wrong was I!? I do want to say "Thanks Dad" for helping me feed my Classic Film addiction, day in and day out. :)

When: This was, embarrassingly, 3 years ago. I was just coming off an Anne Bancroft bender.

Why: Ingrid Bergman was devoted to her work and was described (by her daughter Pia) as "a train on the tracks" so I think if you weren't going the same way, look out. I feel that I am the same type of person. I think she was a woman who lived to act and did it well. She was incredibly human and made many mistakes, but never regrets. She seems exciting to me and I think she is one of the most beautiful creatures ever printed on celluloid.
Her career was beautiful as well... her history is thick with drama, adventure and interesting as hell. For these reasons, and many more, I follow the book of Ingrid.

Where: I originally discovered Ingrid Bergman in Easton, Maryland. I continued my research from the Eastern Shore-- but now I discover her wherever I go.
the MoMA in NYC and everywhere!


Millie said...

YAAAAAAY! I love this post!

My Ingrid fascination started with Gaslight too! I had already seen many of her films, but it was Gaslight that got me ADDICTED! I think I was 11. Right then, I KNEW she was the most brilliant ever!

Ruby said...

Wow, the blog is totally new.
Thanks for the post. I loved the way you said her 'complete' name.
The first Ingrid film I saw was Indiscreet and I fell in love with her immediately. My father and my mother were watching it too, I can
remember well and my curiosity about her had no end that day on.
In the same year I saw Casablanca and I thought I'd never seen
anyone more beautiful in my life. Today I have books, almost all DVDs
(virtually all after she left Sweden). And I always peregrine seeking her photos on the Internet. No need to say I loved so much your post.

Emily said...

Nice new blog look, Alexis!

Anyway my first Ingrid movie was Spellbound (and it was my 5th classic movie after officially becoming a classic fan!) and I have to admit that my first opinion of Ingrid was that she was absolutely beautiful. I thought she and Greg did well in that film, but I was all "I HAVE to watch more of that beautiful actress' films!" and I was hoping desperately that she'd be a good actress and not just a pretty face. I read up on her (3 Oscars! respected by everyone! yay! controversial life choice(s)! hmmmm!), and then by chance decided to watch Notorious. The rest is history. Favourite film FOREVER. Favourite actress FOREVER. In addition to her immense talent, she had courage and intelligence and personal integrity that gives us much to admire. :)

Java Bean Rush said...

I first noticed Ingrid Bergman in INDISCREET some time ago. Then I realized that I had seen THAT FACE and had heard THAT VOICE in several other movies.

I noticed her in this film with Cary Grant because she eats a piece of chocolate with milk for dinner; I couldn't wait to grow up and do the same.

Also, it was the first time that I had seen a lady wearing cold cream during a meet-cute with the leading man, which I thought was hilarious.

Happy Independence Day!

berlin said...

spellbound was a film the I have always considered to be one of my favorites, over the years with vertigo as well for it images of san francisco. .its just that G. Peck is suffering from PSD. .its such so classic 40ies 50ies stuff. .but a few months ago . .someone left 'my story' in German on the floor by the entrance to my apartment complex. . since then I can't stop reading about her and watching her films. .I want to write a book about certain themes in her life. . er or a series of essays. .but have to do other things as well. .

oh and I finally got 'angst' but only in Italian and Spanish. .she does the voice over herself for the Italian, by then she could speak Italian. . and I also got 'die vier gesellen' . .I want to write something about it, die vier gesellen.. although the film makes me very uncomfortable in a number of ways. . I think there might be some untalked about subject matter that would be on interest if given proper attention. .

she was beautiful her whole life. .it was as if she aged differently than most people.. I think its is a big lesson her life story tells. .which reminds me of my late grandmother who just passed away. .

she rejected Howard Hughes and 'rome open city' was her favorite film. .that says allot about someone..I think this decision is always under valued . .it says allot about a person to reject a such powerful people in favor or some experimental film maker. .. despite all the craziness that followed..

her lesion about divorce and children are very good .. somehow she managed both career and kids and separation and re marriage in a way very few people can . .for that she deserves a lot praise. .

she stood up for the rights of blacks and the rights of gays at a very early time when it was not always popular. .in very low key but still important ways

she is just simply a great actor and loved to act and it shows . .it all her work . .

now when I see isabella give and interview or do something new I feel that some odd sense of hope that the world might still have a chance to over come its problems. . .

And I like her Joan of Arch stuff a lot, , its a simple message-- I am on mission from God to save France. .and fight corruption no matter the personal cost. .even if it is not the best film. .It was her favorite roll to play. .I think it expresses Ingrid's spirit in its most simplistic form. .

Ruby said...

Please, check your gmail.

Alexis said...

Ruby- I checked my Gmail-- there weren't any messages from you... :( What should I be looking for?

Mike said...

Nice new blog look, but it is very heavy to load and slow in scrolling, I prefer a simpler one,

Ingrid always liked simple things.


oh , Ingrid , when I discover her ?

I remember well ....

It was about 10 years ago and I was studying in libray for university exam, I saw a big book about an ugly director named Hitchcock , I enjoyed in it's photo and in one page I saw a very beautiful woman . I never had saw a human as beautiful as her . all the week I search for a film from her and at last I could find and watch Casablanca and fall in love with her easily, Now I'm very happy because of that chance in that libray at that afternoon.


... I invite you to our new persian forum about classic cinema and specially Ingrid topic:

Ingrily Bergmania Love

Ruby said...

I sent a message to e-mail address you leaved on tumblr, please, send an e-mail address where I can send your image-header to your blog layout.

Ruby said...

He your image-header I hope you like it.

Alexis said...

Thanks Ruby!! I just put the logo up!!!
It looks beautiful! You have a wonderful talent... thanks for sharing :) Ingridly <3 Alexis

Ruby said...

If you want it smaller, just let me know.

berlin said...

I am writing something about die vier gesellen / the four companions wonder if you want to read it, or give me some feed back on it. . or if you know any publications or . .or are interested in reading it . . ? ?


Alexis said...

I'd like to read it... feel free to email it to

What is it for? Are you going to publish? I really want to see that film, but don't know where to get a copy! BLURG!

Ruby said...

I send you a material to write posts to the blog, I hope you can receive this time.

berlin said...

here in the library in a Hemingway book I found a picture of Hemingway and Ingrid at Jacks in San Francisco. .my home town. . how cool . .one of my favorite authors and actresses..together. I want to scan it and post it. .

berlin said...

Alexis are you are you there. .??


Alexis said...

@Jeremiah-- am I where? on the blog? I work during the day and have been extremely busy lately- I hope to do some new posting soon. I haven't gotten to read your writing or Ruby's info yet... hopefully I can get to them soon.

Clara said...

Hi there, I just wanted to invite you to unlock a new classic star handwriting font at my blog Via Margutta 51. Click here. Oh, I've already upload Ingrid Bergman's handwriting font in this post I hope you like it :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you get this comment, Ruby. I'm not logged in, but I'll put my name at the end of this. I've been a fan of Ingrid Bergman since April 1959, when I was 14 years old. I saw "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" and, wham, that was it!!!!!
I've got a group on Yahoo called Ingrid Bergman International. I founded it in 1999. Hope you may want to join as I can tell you are a real crazy fan.
Ingridly love,
Mary Hoka2_99

Bargalloneta said...

I just got back from vacation. I've been in Sweden. One reason to visit the Nordic countries was to visit the Ingrid's grave. Is a beautiful cemetery in the family tomb, there is a small plaque that reads a simple Ingrid. I was thrilled.
hello from Barcelona

Alexis said...

That's amazing! I'm so glad you were able to go to "see Ingrid." If you want to write up a story about your travels, feel free to send me a write up if you'd like it published on the blog... let me know
Ingridly love,

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