Saturday, January 16, 2010

Original Notorious Poster from USC SCA

This is the poster I wrote about before. It's an original print from 1946. Cary Grant looks like Frankenstein's Monster. LOL.
This is hanging in the lobby of my school along with posters from Psycho and other Hitchcock films. Then you walk the hallways and there are posters from every movie you can imagine- most are signed. It's pretty awe inspiring.
I love my school! :)


Loes said...

Cary can totally pull off the green ;D
&How cool that the posters hanging there are the originals and SIGNED. It's understandable you love your school! (;

Stephen K said...

You're such a film geek it's infectious :D And thank you for introducing me (so long ago) to the blog of Alfred Hitchcock Geek. Yours and his is a blog-lationship made in heaven!

Jessica said...

Do you watch Private Practice? Anyhow, they had a Gaslight/ Ingrid reference in last weeks episode. I just thought I was fun:)

Alexis said...

No, I don't watch that but that's SWEET! I love when they refer to old faves! :)

Thank you all for commenting and reading!
Alexis :)

Danielle said...

This is amazing! I wish I were studying there!

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