Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day of School and Notorious!

This is a picture of me on my first day of film school. It resembles the type of picture we used to take every day on the first day of school.
For example, here's one of Julia on her first day of Pre-school (since I don't have any adorable pictures of yours truly. LOL)
It's fun to do these, I recommend it.
On to my day...
I woke up ready to roll. My roommates and I all walked together to our first class, Concepts of Cinematic Production (to which I might refer to as 510). This class is taught by Pablo Frasconiand Tomlison Holman. This class seems like it will teach us all the language of film, production, direction and sound. It involved the entire Spring 2010 class, and we each had to give a 1 minute autobiographical introduction. I almost barfed all over the microphone.
Though I wasn't first or even last, I was incredibly nervous. I am fine with getting in front of people when I'm singing, acting, improvising, giving a speech, answering questions-- sure it makes me nervous, but I get over THAT. This, this was talking about myself!! I can't do that. My statement of purpose took me like 2 months to finally write on paper! I can give you stories about life all day, but if you want me to tell you my accomplishments, I can't just list them... who does that?!
So after my "speech" which involved me plugging my Ingrid Bergman blog and looking like a total idiot in front of everyone (does anyone doubt that I'm the Mary? If you do, feel free toemail me because I'd love to hear otherwise. LOL), we watched some film clips and learned some concepts. That was exhausting!
I walked home after class and sat down to eat some lunch, pizza, in front of the television. Now, though this pizza wasn't very good, it was still pizza, which is one of my favorite things on this earth. When I turned the channel, Bewitched was on! Well, what a great way to continue my first day of film school. I'd like to credit Bewitched with my first cognizance of what I wanted to be when I grew up: A witch. Well, once I found out that magic isn't necessarily probable or even possible (and generally creepy) I figured the next best step was learning how to make magic-- aka Film/Television. Signed, sealed, delivered...I'm yours, film.
Watching Bewitched, eating pizza, all after my first film class, could this day get better? Yes.
My other class of the day was a meeting for 507, my Production-1 class. My SA, Dennis, was awesome. He gave us instructions with great detail and was completely on our side. A fantastic reminder of why we pay so much to go here.
The class is filled with people I have come to be friends with and more friends to come. It is also taught by Jim McBride, who is a director and has done many films (if you want to know what, follow the link on his name).
This class was interesting. A little hard to follow at first because Jim is new and we are as well. Once we got going, though, it was fine. It became even better after our 15 minute break. The first film we were analyzing shots of was: Notorious! I was totally geeking out.
This seemed like a sure sign that I am in the right place right now. I mean, for real?!
The day was a great one.
Though I have to end on a sad note. My Aunt Mary passed away last night after a long battle with cancer. Ingrid Bergman once said "Cancer victims who don't accept their own fate, who don't learn to live with it, will only destroy what little time they have left." Aunt Mary wouldn't speak to us about her cancer, she just lived everyday for the best. She was a great supporter of mine and was a huge maternal influence on my Mom and her sisters. We will all miss her very much but it is good to know her suffering is over.
Thank you for reading.


Millie said...

Oh my gosh, I totally understand that. When I first had to get up and talk about my experiences in Sierra Leone, I was freaking out. Everyone was like, "But, you get up in front of everyone on stage and act in plays". But, I'm like THAT'S someone ELSE! It's not meee!

Anyway, yeah, I totally understand!

Gosh, that sounds so cool! Notorious?!?! WOW!

I'm so sorry about your Aunt, but she sounds like she was a really cool person.

Have a great day! :-)

kallim said...

I'm sorry about your aunt. It's always hard to lose someone. At least her suffering is over now.

School sounds like it is going to be amazing! I'm doing finance, but got a minor in film. My favorite class was the Hitchcock class that I took. Notorious is definitely one of my top favorite of his and number one favorite of Ingrid's and Cary's.

Jessica said...

Your first day sounds totally awesome:). I started this week too, I enrolled at Stockholm University studying Anthropology. It's really a lot of fun:)

Alexis said...

Thanks everyone. Good luck Jessica! That sounds awesome.

Stephen K said...

Haha you're so cute, I just want to pinch your cheeks :P

And sorry about your aunt. It must be such a strange sensation to experience such mixed emotions. I suppose on the plus side, as you have said, she LIVED her last days. No regrets.

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