Friday, January 8, 2010

My School is SO COOL

I've been kind of busy, moving, meeting new people in this grand city of L.A. but Ingrid has been EVERYWHERE!!!
Here's a little story for you...
The other day, I decided to go for a run. I wanted to scope out the neighborhood and get my bearings a bit. I ran to campus, which is about a mile away and walked around. The campus is really pretty. There are palm trees and gorgeous buildings everywhere but a lot of construction. The construction actually forced me to see more of campus than I had planned, but it was nice none-the-less.
I went over to the SCA building, which is the newest building that carries three somewhat significant names in the film world: Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and the Academy of Motion Pictures... do you know who these people are? I hear they make indies.
I went into the Speilberg wing and no one was in the lobby. This moment of solitude and this gorgeous building weighed heavily. It was like the air was thick with happiness and my realization that I am finally about to make it happen.
I walked over to a wall of plaques dedicated to financial contributors and saw Mary Pickford's name and Alma and Alfred Hitchcock... pretty rad.
That wing drew me to some more happies- there were original classic movie posters everywhere, from George Lucas' personal collection. The Hitchcock ones are the coolest, but there was one in particular that really showed me this is where I should be. Notorious! A 6 foot tall, original print from 1946. Though Cary Grant's face has turned green (I guess he started drinking the poison?) and the color is weird on it, it was still pretty freaking awesome.

Thank you for reading.
Alexis :)


Kinga said...

wow! Alexis, that sounds cool! Didn't you take a photo of it? ;)
I wish you the best in that school! ;)

Bargalloneta said...

This is fantastic!!!!!!!

Alexis said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to take a photo of it, but if I can, I'll try!!

Anonymous said...

That was a very interesting article, sounds like a cool school. Good luck with the blogs

Anonymous said...

Yeah, being a big Hitchcock fan as well as a big Ingrid Bergman fan, Notorious is one of my all time favs. I dig that poster too but the color has seriously faded over the years. Some inks fade faster than others causing the color balance to shift and change as time goes by. The school is going to need to think about the preservation of some of these classic posters.

-- Dennis (your SA)

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