Thursday, December 31, 2009

"I didn't know they made champagne in Idaho."

"Let's have some of that crazy Idaho champagne."- Cactus Flower

Hope you've had, are having or about to have a wonderful new year's eve. I'm not a big fan of this holiday because I think every day is one you can't repeat... but maybe I'll have a glass of champagne (Ingrid style = CLASSY ...think Notorious, Anastasia and Cactus Flower.

PS I've successfully made it to L.A., moved some of my stuff into my new house and I'm currently staying downtown... it's GORGEOUS!! I'm going to post pics of my new place and write about my cross country trip on my other blog soon-- I'll be sure to post a link if anyone is interested!

As soon as I'm moved in, I'll try and get that Casablanca post done NEXT WEEK!! (or maybe this weekend...)


Kinga said...

Happy New Year, Alexis :)

Ruby said...

Happy new year!

ma.labado said...

happy new year Alexis! good to know you're settle in l.a, i'm back in buenos aires and is so incredibly hot i can't believe it, i hope the heat doesn't kill me..
lots of love <3

Danielle said...

This sentence is hilarious! Cactus Flower is great. I love Ingrid and comedies, and she did so few of them!...

Kisses and happy new year for you!

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