Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here it goes! The logo contest.
The winner of this contest will receive a copy of Taschen's Movie Icons: BERGMAN
Here's how we will do this:
  • I will post the logos below with code names.
  • The code names will appear in a voting box on the sidebar
  • You vote for the winners.
  • All logos submitted will earn a spot on the site at some point. Of course the winner will have a long stay and first dibs, but everyone will be hosted.
Be sure to vote for your favorite!
Thank you to everyone who submitted. Your name will be revealed at the end (or your SN) and I'll contact you so that I can send you the prize! :)

Best of luck and thanks for reading!

Big Wheelin' Ingrid
Broaching on Ingrid
Family Ties Ingrid
Poster Child Ingrid
Purple Rain Ingrid


alejandro benitez said...

Ingrid so cute. She's Amazing...
4 u Mery (L

Mercurie said...

I think I like Broaching on Ingrid best.

Alexis said...

Be sure you vote in the poll for it to count! :)
PS- No one can see who you voted for, so feel free to vote for yourselves or just vote! :)

Danielle said...

Great blod! I'll add it to my page. Ingrid is my favourite actress!

Alexis said...

Thanks Danielle!

Lolita said...

Ah, if I can't vote for my own I will vote for Poster Child Ingrid! Haha.

Alexis said...

You can vote for yourself- though I would say you won this the first time I hosted it... The design is great and has been up for a long time- Just wanted to give it a run as well!

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