Saturday, December 19, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Tom created the "Broachin' On Ingrid" logo and with 50% of the votes, he wins Taschen's photo book of Ingrid!

Here is Tom's acceptance speech. Congrats again!

"Thanks Alexis! I had fun working on your banner. I don't know if I have a speech, but I could share some Ingrid love! She's one of my favorite actresses. Though I haven't seen any of her Swedish films yet, I have two favorite English-language performances of hers. The first is Casablanca, and the other is A Woman Called Golda, her final filmed performance. Also, I just watched For Whom the Bell Tolls last weekend and loved her in it.

Can't wait to read the biography, it sounds like a good one. I want to learn more about her early career and life. And am following your blog! Love it!!"

On a different note, I will be moving right after Christmas, from Maryland to California...because of this, my post about Casablanca may be REALLY delayed. I will hopefully do it sometime this week... but I apologize for this extreme delay. I have the first part written, and if you'd like the play by play in sections, let me know and I'll post it as such.
Thanks for your support and submissions- they're all fantastic logos and will be used!


Loes said...

Congrats Tom!!
&I'm honoured to have the second place - thanks (:
(p.s Alexis, good luck with moving!)

Lolita said...

Nice! That is a really good looking header!
Merry Christmas, and good luck with the moving!

ma.labado said...

Kudos to Tom!!

(Y)I love the new logo <3

Alexis said...

Thank you both!! :)

badnam said...

Merry Christmas to all.

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