Monday, March 15, 2010


Today, Ingrid Bergman Life and Films is one year old.
We have 67 followers, 78 Facebook fans, a tumblr account linked to the site, have been reposted by blogs and websites, I've made tons of new friends and received Ingrid themed gifts from talented people all over the world and tweeted a lot since last March.
I cannot believe how fulfilling this blog has been. I mean, now I can because it's a part of my life, but I see, hear, notice, feel Ingrid Bergman around me everywhere.

Last year, I was still waiting to find out about Grad schools, had no real direction, didn't know what to do with my spare time. Once I started this blog, the support and direction followed. It was like the spirit of Classic Film and Ingrid Bergman (among the hundreds of stars everyone else blogs about) were pulling me and motivating me to steer toward my dreams. Reach for the highest stars. "Be yourself, everyone worships an original."

I have been learning so much from this blogging experience. I'm collecting Ingrid movies, branching my movie experience as well as my network.

I am so impressed by the following Ingrid Bergman has, especially how international it is. I love hearing from all of you. I love receiving tweets from various time zones, re-blogs from Canada, and DVD's from Spain! It just proves that Ingrid's immortalization through celluloid wasn't in vain, she will never die in any of our hearts.

I was hoping to have something monumental to talk about, but since I haven't even finished the Casablanca play by play (what is this? month 4 of not finishing?) I will only leave you with something that I feel captures the entire theme of the blog and this post.

Ingridly love to you all (thanks for that catchphrase Mike!) and enjoy.


Kate Gabrielle said...

Happy one year anniversary!! Congrats!! :D

Alexis said...

Thanks :)

Kinga said...

very happy anniversary, Alexis! you're doing a very fine job on this blog! I love it here :) It's so good to come here to be among Ingrid fans. I guess, she would be very proud of it :)

Kendra said...

well done! happy anniversary!

ma.labado said...

happy anniversary alexis!
your blog has been a great getaway from all thing boring :P
is fantastic to see that ingrids life and films still matters to lots of people.
happy to know that your lifes is working out as you wish,
inglidly love to you too..

Emily said...

Congrats, Alexis! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when we first 'met' via the blog? haha. Anyway, here's to many many more anniversaries and plenty of inspiration for your blogging and film studies and career. Lots of Ingridly love from Canada :D

Alicia Huberman said...

Happy anniversary Alexis!

Alexis said...

Thanks everyone! <3 Alexis

Bargalloneta said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!

Millie said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!

What would I do without you and this blog!?!?

I remember being overjoyed at finding someone who loved Ingy even more than I (:-O)! Haha! I hope you around for many more years! :-D

Mike said...

an special Happy anniversary From Persia ...

and ...

Happy new year to myself !! (Persian new year begins 2 days later = 1389 ) !

We started a Forum here:
about Classic cinema and I do Ingid's topic. She has many huge fans here .

Ingrid ,I love you more and more each day ... as time goes by ...

Alexis said...

Thanks Mike-- Happy New Year!
Be sure to spread the word of the Ingrid Bergman Life and Films community on those forums! It would be great to have new people entering wonderful discussions about Classic Film and our favorite lady, Ingrid.
Thanks again to everyone! You're all marvelous and I see in the past 2 days we've jumped to 69 followers! :)

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