Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walpurgis Night

Does anyone have or has anyone seen Walpurgis Night? I just found it on ebay but I'm not sure of the quality and can't get it right now. I'm curious as to how difficult it will be to find again... if anyone knows, please let me know! :)


Millie said...

Wow, I've never even heard of it!

Kinga said...

no, neither I have seen it, nor I own it. You can find all early Ingrid movies on ebay but in VHS and they are used, so you cannot be sure of the quality. Once, though, I found a seller who had all those movies and he said that they were original,but when I asked him about the subtitles he didn't answer back, so I didn't buy them, 'cause I don't speak Swedish (yet :D).
I don't think that they aren't so hard to find them.

Kinga said...

well, as I see it's new - or at least that's what it says. If you go to visit the seller's store and search for Ingrid, you can find other movies of hers :D

Kinga said...

hi again :)

I found the movie on amazon marketplace as well the other day. And it's cheaper there than on ebay. Here's the link:

procrastinator said...

I saw Walpurgis this afternoon. It's honestly one of her very worst films. From her Swedish period my favourite are Juninatten, Dollar, even En enda natt if you can forget about the weird ending. Munkbrogreven is pretty fun, too. But this one... Avoid if you can.

Ingridly yours,

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