Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attempting Casablanca--Oh Good Grief!

Due to Casablanca's overwhelming success over the past 67 years, I have to respect this and do my research accordingly.
I have tons of resources to help me out. I plan on giving you facts, quotes, historical data as well as background on the movie then doing a play-by-play of the film itself. The p.b.p. may be mixes of opinion, comments, sarcasm, film commentary, definition of what's going on as well as anything else I can conjure up. Hopefully everyone's cool with that. If you have disagreements, that's fine, I expect it. It's the #2 film of all time (AFI Top 100 Movies) so I expect everyone to have seen it as well as have opinions about the film.

Now I must get to my research, but I will leave you with this to get all engines revving!

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Norma Desmond said...

Casablanca is my absolute favorite movie. Looking forward to your play by play.

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