Sunday, October 18, 2009

Casablanca It Is!

Votes are in.
Votes are counted.
It's Casablanca by a mile! Lol.

I will get to working on the play by play as soon as I can. I am working right now on attempting to save the high school that I attended--it's in danger of closing. So after the meeting this coming Thursday I should be able to start working on the movie! I'm excited. I like Casablanca a lot, it's a monumental film, but it also has a lot of history that makes it miraculous that we consider it so fantastic. Wait until you read what Ingrid had to say about it. :)

Thanks for your votes and your readership!


Kinga said...


I knew it would be Casablanca :D

good luck on your work for your high school ;)

Lauren said...

I wasn't sure if you recieved my e-mail regarding my Ingrid Painting.
Here is the link to the video of me painting, Ingrid.
Hope you enjoy!
Lauren Sarantopulos

Anonymous said...

Hi,I only recently'discovered' IB among my grams stuff and I fell inlove with right there and then ,while watching Notorious.I'm only 16. My friends think I'm crazy because I love her. I think she was just magical and had the talent to make any movie a classic with her timeless beauty adn overpowering presents. I think casa rocks. Love your blog.

Alexis said...

To the last post-16 year old Anonymous- I'm so glad you're among us Ingrid fans! Please feel free to make an avatar and follow the blog! There are so many Classic Film/Ingrid fans out there just waiting to converse with you!
Thanks for your post!

I'm working on a post about your video! Thanks :) The Painting looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Thanks for the luck! I'll let you know how it goes!!! :) You always rock!

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