Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Emily has hooked me on
That's right. Now there is a tumblr site connected with Ingrid Bergman Life and Films!
If you're interested in following my tumblr, or want to find other great Ingrid tumblrs, join in the fun!

Emily has a great Classic Film tumblr called NotoriousDreamTeam and she showed me another fantastic Ingrid tumblr called DaisiesandButtercups, filled with love, admiration for and photos of Ingrid Bergman.

If you miss their posts, or mine, please follow me on twitter and you're most likely to see them! @alexis_morrell


Millie said...

Now, I really do have to get a Tumblr!

Emily said...

WOW a shoutout for me, too? thanks ;)
daisiesandbuttercups is much more relevant to 'ingrid bergman life and films'. and they often post pics of ingrid that i've never seen before! seriously, guys, check it out! :)

Alexis said...

I'm trying to reblog with daisiesandbuttercups so I can find where they are getting the photos...where are the baby pics coming from??!!!

Sheri said...

Oh dear! I've never heard of Tumblr before. Thanks for exposing me to something new and those pictures on DaisiesandButtercups are beautiful!

Emily said...

I KNOW, right? those baby pics are soooo precious and where in the world did they get hold of them??

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