Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ingrid Bergman Life and Films Facebook Fan Page!

I have done a few things to keep up with you kids and the crazy times...
I have:
  1. Added a facebook fan page to boost my connections with all Ingrid fans and another outlet for all of us to spread love of classic films. Feel free to join, share your fan pages here or on that page, link to it, post comments, share pictures, etc. There is a facebook badge in the sidebar, you can follow that as a link to the site or look up "Ingrid Bergman Life and Films" on facebook! Feel free to friend me :)
  2. Added a "Linkwithin" bar under each post. This is more for fun and interested first timers. I noticed other bloggers hosting this addition to their pages, and I've used it to get lost in a labyrinth of amazing classic film posts, so why not give it a try? Lol.
So I will now get back to my research- I really am trying to pull this Casablanca post together- I just want it to be as well done as possible!

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Tom said...

Cool, I just became a fan on Facebook! Thanks, Tom

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