Friday, November 6, 2009

Rare Ingrid Films Showing in Berkeley, CA

I'm kind of bumming about this because I'm no where near Berkeley and would have loved to go to this film event(s), but anyway:
The University of California Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive is hosting a series called "A Woman's Face: Ingrid Bergman in Europe." This celebration and discussion of Ingrid's time in Sweden and in Italy. The event kicked off with a lecture from The Swedish Film Institute's Jon Wengström, discussing Ingrid's personal life and work through out her lifetime.
The program will continue with screenings of some of her rare work from the 1930's and her work with
Rossellini in Italy in the 1950's. If you visit the link to "A Woman's Face..." it has a line up of the films including:
Intermezzo (1936), The Count of the Old Town (1935), Walpurgis Night (1935), A Woman's Face (1938),
June Night (1940), Stromboli (1949), Europa '51 (1952), Viaggio in Italia (1953), Autumn Sonata (1978).
If anyone gets a chance to get to any of these screenings, please take pictures of yourself there and write me!
I would have loved to be there, actually it makes me extremely sad and irritated that I cannot just hope in a time
machine/jet and see the lecture that was held on Wednesday. Oh well.
So what I have done to cure my ails is email the BAM/PFA and ask them how to get in touch with JonhWengström.
Here is a copy of what I have sent. Hope you guys don't mind that I threw you into this, but I thought some of you
would like to be included! :)
My name is Alexis Morrell and I compose a blog dedicated to the life and work of Ingrid Bergman. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as how to get in touch with Jon Wengström from the Swedish Film Institute? I have been trying to follow the film/lecture series that you are hosting at the BAM/PFA from afar (I am in Maryland and therefore was unable to be at the lecture as well as I will be unable to attend the film series), and my readers and I would like to know if there is a possibility to find out more about the lecture as well as the Ingrid Bergman series?
Any information would be much appreciated, we are all devout Ingrid fans and our deepest wishes would have been to attend your film/lecture event.
Thank you for your time,
Alexis Morrell
Ingrid Bergman Life and Films

Alexis Morrell

Now I will go back to researching the history of Casablanca. I'm going to present you with the history of the film because it is truly one of the most interesting happy accident pieces of cinema ever to grace this earth. I'm just now reading about the writing and casting--WOO!- this film is full of drama, not just on the screen but behind the scenes as well! I can't wait to give you all this information.
After the history, I will then do the play-by-play. That will be a little less credible because it will be me shooting off the hip, but hopefully, none-the-less, entertaining.

Thank you for your support and readership,
Alexis :)


Badnam said...

oh, I wish I was in the USA. It must be very interesting to see many Ingrid's fans in a Film showing.

and about CASABLANCA researching ... I suggest this interesting book that I bought 2 years ago: (Making of Casablanca):

Alexis said...

Thanks for the book suggestion! If I can find a really cheap copy of it I might get it.
I think I'll go from the references I have, but I promise to list them in case anyone's interested in reading them and also for credit's sake.
Thanks for your comment! :)

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