Monday, November 16, 2009

Kate Gabrielle's Gift to Me!

I recently ordered a moleskine journal from Kate Gabrielle's etsy page. I love the Eloise flapperdoodle cartoon. It's incredibly witty and cute. Well, a surprise was awaiting me today in a flapper-covered envelope...a drawing of Ingrid!
Here is a video showing you what I received. Thank you again Kate Gabrielle for your work and your blog, they're superiorly well done.
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(I'll post a transcript of what I say for any non-English speakers.)

So I want to show you that I got a new package today, and do you notice anything about the package? I think that it might be some flapperdoodles. That's right, flapperdoodles. Courtesy of KateGabrielle. And... So I purchased... this which is a moleskine, lined, um, journal and it has Eloise here, reading a book. Which makes me excited because I like to imagine myself looking like that. Um, not really. I don't look like that.
So, this is the cover and it has her logo on here... sorry everything is reversed...the logo is here. And on the back there's a cute little Eloise logo and with it came cards, lots of cards, and coupons, lots of coupons! for etsy
And a little surprise!
That's right, she drew a picture of Ingrid Bergman and sent it to me. I am very excited about this and I just want to say a big thanks to KateGabrielle. I love your work, I follow you on twitter, we talk, it's cool. I like it. And I'm not the only one who can vouch to say that you are awesome!
Your art is amazing. Keep it up. You have a great talent, don't waste it! So I'm going to get this a frame and I think I might take some stills of it as well and post it if that is okay with everyone. So that everybody can see how wonderful this is probably in better resolution than this... You can see the reflection of my computer.
Um, and now I'm going to go and work on the Casablanca blogs; which I'm going to show you...look. Proof! Proof that I'm really doing it.
Seriously, research, look at this. This is my pile, my pile of research. Right here. I'm working on it, alright. And then I'll do the play by play, which hopefully I can do tonight and just get it done and have a quality blog for everyone. So thanks for being patient and thanks for being a reader. Uh, I guess I'll see you on the other side!

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Kate Gabrielle said...

Thank you so much!! I am SO thrilled that you like the print! I was so excited about sending it, I couldn't wait for you to get it!

Can't wait to read your Casablanca post!

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