Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We've reached 60 followers here at Ingrid Bergman Life and Films!
Thanks for reading everyone! I'm so glad we can share in the "Ingridly love" of Ms. Bergman!


Bargalloneta said...

Ingrid is the best!!!!

Alexis said...

Thanks :)
Agreed! :)

ma.labado said...

kudos!! i'm so happy for you and the blog :D
Ingrid <3<3

Kate Gabrielle said...

Congratulations!!! :-D

Kinga said...

have you seen this pic before? I've just found it on the net and I'm so excited :D:D:D

congrats on the 60 followers ;) hope everything OK at your school;)

Alexis said...

I actually have seen that picture, arabella, I put it up on my tumblr page at some point.
Thank you though! :)

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