Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today, in my writing class, we were talking about dream-like treatments and branching beyond reality. I didn't do too well with my treatment, he felt it was too linear for the assignment, but I still loved the dream I wrote about... I was working on the Mary Tyler Moore Show... it was amazing!
I felt better at the end of class because our teacher said he wanted to show us a dream sequence from "Suspicion" and a couple of my classmates and I were like... what dream sequence?
He was like, "You know the one that Gary Cooper has..." and I said, "You mean Cary Grant?" And he said, "No, no, no..." (somewhat dismissively, which of course I took as a challenge) Then he said, "You know the one made up by Dali, I was going to bring that one in." And of course I said, "That's Spellbound, with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman."
So after a while, he had me pull up the video off youtube so we could watch the dream sequence. I'm really glad this is the dream sequence he picked, because it helps me to think in "dream-like" ways not just "dreams," the difference being that dreams can be linear and he wanted symbols, colors and abstract (or surreal). I'm also glad that once again Ingrid has come to my rescue.
So here's the dream sequence and I hope you like it.

Sorry my posts haven't been consistant and I still owe you Casablanca... school is insanely busy so I'm trying to find time to watch the movie and really give you quality posts.
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Kate Gabrielle said...

I'd love to hear more about your MTM dream/thing!!!

Yay for knowing more than your professor about movies! I always love when that happens! hehe! ;-D

Alexis said...

I can post my treatment with a disclaimer and copyright thing if you'd like to see it... or read it... mind you it's kooky!

ma.labado said...

Cool! I'd printed a picture from Casablanca an put it in my desk at my office, so I have a chance to talk about the movie and her every time someone ask :P
Good luck at school <3

Alexis said...

OMG, that's GREAT! I love that.
I hope tons of people ask you about it! Please send any interesting results and I'll hopefully post them!! :)

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