Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looney Tunes: "Carrotblanca"

Someone on posted a picture of Looney Tune's "Carrotblanca," so I had to find it on
Amazing. Hilarious. Stunningly accurate. All of the jokes are right on target. The quotes are just close enough to be funny and it's Looney Tunes...who can refuse?!

I hope you enjoy this short blissful parody as much as I have. I hope to write soon. Just let me finish some homework and I'll try and get to it! :)

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C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been in a Looney Tunes mood recently myself and seeing this only intensifies my interest!

How've ya been?

Alexis said...

I've been great! Thanks for the comment. I've been busy, so my blogging life has taken a slight backseat to my real life. Lol.
I wish I could read more of everyone's blogs and post, but film school is amazing!!
I hope to someday actually finish the casablanca post and do some more play-by-plays.
I also have Ingrid EVERYWHERE at my school... she and TONS of classic film references, people and memorabilia!
Thanks again for your comment! :)

Bargalloneta said...


Stephen K said...

Aha amazing! Like you said it was Just close enough to be amusing. A well made parody is a delight, like the Family Guy Star Wars rip offs :)

Danielle said...

This is really amazing! It composes the "extras" of the double disk DVD edition of Casablanca.

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