Monday, April 19, 2010


I had some drama obtaining a TCM Film Festival pass, but I am going to get it soon!
My school had a give away of 30 "Classic" level passes and I was 3rd in line to get one. Well, the girl at the office told us to take our numbered tickets she had handed us and to come back any time that day to appropriate the passes. My friend Alex and I went at 1:30 and the guy she worked with had given the passes away at 1. He said "I sent in the email that they would be handed out at 1." I replied, "We were here at 11:30! She told us to come back any time!" Well, he said he was working on getting more passes and we were allowed to put our names at the top of the list because of our numbered tickets being #3 and #4.

Today I found out that we are on the top of a list of 5 people getting passes (the ones who would have been handed their passes last week if things had worked properly).

I am also working on finishing my rough cut of my current project so that I can cut out of class early on Thursday and see the 10 PM screening of Casablanca! I hope to attend as many of the films as possible this coming weekend-- I'll be sure to take my video and still cameras. Hopefully I can piece together a cute video or something for everyone to see what goes on at the TCM Film Festival!

If you're going to be there at all-- please let me know-- maybe you could be in the video? It would be great to meet other Ingrid Bergman and Classic Film fans!

That's all for now- I have a lot of work to do to prepare! (So many exclamation points.)
Ingridly Love,

I love USC SCA for getting me a $500 pass for free. They better not f- this up!


Kendra said...


Sam said...

Hey, I love Ingrid and I'm gonna be there. Maybe we'll see each other?


Alexis said...

Sam- That's awesome- are you going to one of the Casablanca screenings? If so, which one?
That would be great to meet up for a pic with a reader/ Ingrid/Classic film fan.

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