Friday, April 23, 2010

TCM FIlm Festival Day 1

Hello all!
Tonight was the first night of the 1st TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and it was marvelous!
I went with my friend Alex and he and I saw Monkey Business and Casablanca.
Monkey Business stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, was directed by Howard Hawk and it is a blast. I hadn't seen it in a few years and it cracked me up as well as brought back some great memories of watching it with my Dad.

Casablanca, was better than I had imagined. To see Ingrid's talent and beauty on the big screen was breathtaking. It was a complete experience. It was like traveling back in time in a comfy theater seat, with popcorn fuel and soda pop dreams. Her tears for Rick and Laszlo were as big as me! I seriously almost cried when she asked Sam to play "As Time Goes By."
I also clapped and sang along to "Knock on Wood." LOL. I think they should tour with this film and we should make it like the Rocky Horror Picture Show-- everyone participate and dress up... but don't dress like a Nazi. That wouldn't be tasteful.

Well I'm tired- so I can't report much more, except that everyone should see an Ingrid Bergman film or a classic film on the big screen before they die. It's pure bliss.
Here are some pictures from today and tomorrow I think I will be wearing my floppy brown hat and my blue and gold dress.* If you are at the festival, please say hello-- or send an email to and let me know if you're going to a screening. It would be great to have some pictures with readers and to meet you!

Marquee at Mann's Chinese 6.

Alex and Me (he's a brilliant filmmaker who is in my class at USC SCA)
(Me next to the Casablanca image on the map at Mann's Chinese 6 Theater)
(This is the red carpet we couldn't get to because our passes are just "Classic" lol)

Oh - PS - Peter Bogdanovich introduced Monkey Business and Ben Mankiewicz introducedCasablanca- both were hilarious and know their stuff. Entertaining and informative! :)

*Change of plans with the clothing... but I'll definitely have my floppy hat. I'll probably tweet what I'm wearing and which screening I'm at, if anyone is there.


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I especially like that the classic film festival sign is next to the not-so-classic skechers shape-ups sign. That really is "pure hollywood"! Similarly, I think you should get that image tattooed on you somewhere.

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