Monday, May 18, 2009


Ingrid's last appearance on any screen in, A Woman Called Golda, is now available on DVD! 

I just read an article online from The San Francisco Gate about the release and a recount of the film. I love this film and own it on the dual VHS edition. I can't wait to purchase a DVD version! If you haven't seen this film, be prepared to be overwhelmed by emotions. The story is great, it's a long one, but a true example of Ingrid's dedication to her art. She was termanally ill with cancer, a disease that had messed with a gland above her right arm, resulting in a gargantuan swollen arm. Ingrid would hang her arm from a pole every time they stopped filming, while she slept and on breaks to drain as much fluid as possible. 
The film is movie due to her last moments on film as well as the triumphant story of Golda Meir, who also died after losing a fight with cancer. 

Check out the article and purchase the DVD here: DVD: 'A Woman Called Golda'


Anonymous said...

What a brave woman, but she kept doing what she loved, up until the end.
I wonder why they're releasing it on DVD now; is there some kind of anniversary related to Golda Meir or the film?

Kinga said...

I preorded it on Amazon in March and I own it now, though I just can't bear myself to watch it. I guess it just would break my heart :(

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