Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Natasha

Today, would have been Natasha Richardson's 46th birthday (May 11, 1963 - March 18, 2009). She was such a fabulous actress, activist and person. I suggest that you check out her work today--whether it's on itunes, youtube, netflix or about AMfar. It's all worth while :)

This interview with Charlie Rose was quite prophetic and really inspiring. She also makes a Casablanca reference! :) She's one of my favorites and truly, dearly and sincerely missed.

Ingrid Bergman worked with Natasha's Mother, Vanessa Redgrave in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express

and Natasha's Grandfather, Michael Redgrave, in Hedda Gabler.

The Redgrave family has generations of actors and creative people. Not to mention, Natasha's sister is Actor, Joely Richarson, her father was Director, Tony Richardson and her husband is Actor, Liam Neeson. They are a royal family in acting.

Like Ingrid, Natasha did work that spoke to her and stood her ground on things she wanted or did not want to do. Her life's work was intense and beautiful though it was cut short this past March.

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