Friday, May 1, 2009

Ingrid Came Back

Here is a short from 1956 about Ingrid's come back to the United States. 

I like that she never apologized for what she did in her personal life and that I came back as only positives from her U.S. audiences. They showered her with awards and positive recognition upon her return-- that's right-- you messed up! Yey Ingrid!


Ruby said...

Ingrid was so simple and worderful,alwais laughing.
She showed integrity.Her own private life was difficult as it was and to have to reveal all there were to public seemed to weigh her down. But she was a strong woman. I loved the video and the one of Angela Landsbury, she talks such beautiful thinks about Ingrid, lucky Angela!

Anonymous said...

Nice way of not-mentioning how they forced her out of America (elephant in the room, much?)
She was so gracious, and I also like how she was all positive and all smiles. Aww, Ingrid.

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