Sunday, May 31, 2009

Favorite Photos Video Blog Attempt

Hope you like the video! Let me know what you think and send in those photos! :)

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO BLOG (Hopefully this will help internationally!):

Hey everybody! Um...I am trying out a little bit of a video blog to try and change things up a little bit. My idea is that we can all post our favorite Ingrid pictures um and I'm about to show you two of mine. Gordon Parks did a photo shoot when Ingrid went to Stromboli to film with Roberto Rossellini in 1949 and there's a very haunting picture that appeared in Life Magazine and it's my all time favorite Ingrid Bergman picture; photograph. So--here it is. 

Cue Picture: Music "Ingrid Bergman" 

And my second favorite is a picture of her drinking champaign and she just looks like she's having a complete, fantastic, amazing time hanging out with people and just, I feel like it really shows who she might have really been. Um..I don't know her so I can't say. I'm sure we all wish we really had. So I'd like you to post your favorite Ingrid Bergman pictures and um.. either link them to the comments or put them on, like, twitpic or flickr. or anywhere!  And just link them to the comments page. I will post them and maybe put together some sort of collage or just a post that we can all agree on or disagree on. It should be interesting and feel free to be creative! If you want to send in fan art, or um... paintings and photos that you've done or um... or just a favorite video, that's fine too! Just send in, basically, you're favorite Ingrid Bergman thing. A dress that she wore, a favorite movie. Just make it a photograph so we can all see it. And you know, feel free, if you don't like this idea, if you don't like me video blogging, let me know and I'll stop or let me know that you like it and I'll keep going and maybe we could even have some sort of discussion. 



Brian said...

It's official: I like the video blog.


Millie said...

Wow, Alexis! You are SO stinkin' amazing! This is a great idea! I'm so on it!

And, I LOVE your video blog!

Kinga said...

oh, I love the idea both the photos and the video blog;)))
here are my 3 favourite ingrid photos :)

1st one: take in Stromboli, she seems so relaxed, this is my absolutely fav.pic of her:

2nd one: I saw it on the Remembered documentary and I liked it very much. too bad it has a very low quality as it's a screencapture:

Finally, the 3rd one: it's soooo funny, I guess it was taken on the Good-bye Again set:

you're doing a really great job on this blog and I like coming here every day ;) thank you in the name of all ingrid fans around the world ;)
have a lovely day!

Ruby said...

Hello Alexis!
F***ing language barrier!!!! Well, I think I understood.
I like your idea, but I'm not good at videos.
I love the photo of her with champagne too.
Stromboli is a weird movie, but I like it, not my fav, but I like it, that photo on the right is fantastic and tells a lot.

Ruby said...

Oh, I forgot asking. Any tutorial for makink a video like yours?

Alexis said...

Ruby- I'll be sure to do a transcript underneath! I forgot that we're international here! Thanks for reminding me! I'll get on that as soon as I can!

The video I made I edited on iMovie 09. The film strips are a little option they have and I just used different options to make the video look like it did.

THANKS! everyone for the nice comments! I'll post a transcript-- I forget sometimes that I have readers globally! I'm so GLAD!

The Pictures look great and be sure to send them in so I can put them all up! I may put them in a more permanent spot on the blog! Who knows?!

Alexis said...

Transcript is up!
Hope this helps!
Be sure to send photos and pictures and art!

Ruby said...

Thanks Alexis. It's clear now.
it's impossible for me pick one or some os faves because I have thousands of pictures of her. I thinks those arts can help me a lot. she's damn pretty in it. because I1m totally crazy about that skirt. Because I love her in colors. she's so a bad girl. because they're my fav couple.

Well, I think I exagerated, but hat can i do? i love almost all IB photos.

Kinga said...

oh, I like all the Notorious photos :-)

Millie said...

I did it! Man, that was HARD to narrow them down!

Sheri said...

Hi Alexis,
First let me say I love your blog! I particularly enjoyed your analysis of Notorious (I'm also a huge Hitchcock fan).

So anyway...while experiencing a slump of productivity at work this afternoon, I came upon some really cool pics of Ingrid as Joan of Arc. (Including some nice color ones!)

You may already be familiar with them...but I thought of your site when I saw them.

Thanks again!

Kinga said...

Millie, I love the photo on the bench in the park! She looks sooooo lovely on it ;)

Btw, I have a favor to ask of all of you, guys. there's a photo ( and I can't find the original. someone could help me finding it, please? thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexis!!!
Here Caliana
I send for my Fav ok too :)

Millie said...

Thanks, Kinga! I think she looks so lovely in it!

Alexis said...

Are you asking for an original of the book or the photo on the book? I have the original of the book and I think I bought it on ebay.
I will look for the photo if that's what you're searching for.

Kinga said...


it's the photo I'm looking for. I have this book, though the hardcover edition not the softcover.

many thanks!

Jonas Nordin said...

Hi Alexis,
I saw your video blog about favorite images of Ingrid Bergman.
Perhaps I don't have many of those but I still think I can contribute with a little something.

I happen to live about a mile from where Ingrid is buried so I just went there the other day and brought my camera.

This is the place:

This is the grave:

And this is Ingrid's stone:

Pictures taken June 24, 2009 in Stockholm.

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