Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Random Facts About Me

I'm stealing this from Lolita's Classics, but she said to so I guess it's just taking the hint (not really stealing!).

1. I played college lacrosse and have been to the NCAA tournament twice. I scored the first goal in the National Championship Game and though we lost, it was my best sports moment.

2. I'm afraid of balloons.

3. My Dad was in the US Air Force and I was in 7 schools before I was 7. Resulting in my clinging to my stuffed animal Elli and my abilities to make friends ASAP.

4. I'm ambidextrous.

5. I could watch movies all day and night and never get sick of them (books too!).

6. My job (babysitting) and shelter are provided to me by my former Women's History Professor --turned friend--turned employer. It's the sweetest job ever and I love Julia and Katharine! (they're the babies I watch). I couldn't have timed this "tweener" year better!
(Me tackled by Julia, Katharine and Julia, Katharine)

7. Nothing aggravates me more than Miniature Golf. I hate it. It's not fun.

8. I get sad when I think about Ingrid Bergman being deceased. Like I could cry about it right now. Lol.

9. I am a die hard Shania Twain fan-- I try to keep it closeted, but I can't live a lie.

10. I was the only person who flipped on the tubing trip I took today. The rapid got me BIG time! haha.

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Kinga said...

5&8: same here ;)

6: 5 years ago I worked as a babysitter for a family for a year. since then we have a good relationship, though the girls are quite grown up now I go out with them as often as I can ;) So, I think I can understand you ;)

9: LOL!!!!!

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