Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ingrid's Gravesite

I received a comment a little while ago regarding the photo vlog I put on the Ingrid Blog. Jonas Nordin sent me photos from Stockholm, where he lives, of Ingrid's memorial gravestone and her family tombstone.

This was a fantastic surprise (as morbid as that might sound)! It's so nice to see Ingrid's history is alive and well and that we can all trek to see her home and truly admire her life and work.
Thank you again Jonas! Continue reading and let me know if there is any other cool stuff about Ingrid in Sweden! I hope to visit there someday!

"Hi Alexis,
I saw your video blog about favorite images of Ingrid Bergman.
Perhaps I don't have many of those but I still think I can contribute with a little something.

I happen to live about a mile from where Ingrid is buried so I just went there the other day and brought my camera."

(Pictures taken June 24, 2009 in Stockholm.)


Christie said...

she's buried next to her parents yes? lovely pictures!

Lolita said...

How sweet of Jonas! I live in Norrköping, not too far from Stockholm, so I guess I have to visit her grave some day. How hardcore to only have your first name on the tombstone! I think I'll write in my will that I want mine to be marked only "Lotten". That would be awesome.

Jonas Nordin said...

Hi Alexis,
Thanks for posting my pictures and I'm glad you liked them.

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