Thursday, July 2, 2009


My friend Byron (@LordByron42 on twitter) sent me a package recently and it contained a spectacular Ingrid gift!

This plate is from the 1958 film Indiscreet and Byron FOUND IT~!

The plate also has the certificate of authenticity and the original packaging--he found it at a yard sale!!

Thanks again Byron!


Anonymous said...

That is so beyond amazing. !!!
I'm assuming it says CINEMA's kinda funny - was Indiscreet considered a classic? lol. But no matter. That artwork of Cary and Ingrid is GORGEOUS. You're so lucky, and you have awesome friends!
P.S. who would put THAT out in a yard sale? CRAZINESS :p

Millie said...

I am SO stinkin' jealous!

Christie said...

the plate is wonderful. i love ittt!!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful Alexis
You are a lucky girl!


Lord Byron said...

This is an excellent post!

Kinga said...

I agree with Emily, who would put these plates on a yard sale??? I wish they could be found here, too ;)
They look great, lucky you, Alexis ;)

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