Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TCM Classic Film Union

So Em had a message on (if you want to be friends hit me up!) and it was regarding the Summer Under the Stars series that TCM hosts. THEY LEFT INGRID OFF THE LIST.
Had a whole day last year (if you want to know how I watched it go here) dedicated to our favorite lady--now--SHANKED!

Okay, now that I have vented this, I'd like to state that I think we should write TCM about it, or at least request (*cough* demand *cough*) that she be in the line up next summer. Any thoughts?

Next--on a more positive note!

I have discovered, through my journeys on, that there is a TCM Classic Film Union for all of us classic film freakazoids!
This part of their site allows interaction and fanaticism to run wild!
You can talk about films, link your blogs, make new networks of film fans! It's amazing!
I have joined and you can too (by clicking the TCMCFU link I've posted)!
My screenname is ingridbergmanfan

Check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

No disrespect, but why do Elvis Presley and Claire Bloom get their own TCM days, and not Ingrid? :(

We should totally write to TCM! Write! Write! Write! Write! Right! Right! Riot! Riot! ... lol j/k

Anonymous said...

I don't believe
No way
We want Miss Ingrid Bergman!


p.s my facebook caliana ferreira add me

Rupert Alistair said...

I too am a member of the TCM Classic Film Union. My screenname is RupertAlistair is you want to friend. :)
It's a great site for all fans of classic movies.


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