Thursday, August 6, 2009

Persian Ingrid Site

I had mentioned that I received a message from Mike about the layout. A message that I am ecstatic to have put into motion... I then checked out Mike's blog. It turns out, Mike, has a blog about Ingrid as well! The catch-- it's in Persian! I'm freaking happy about this! This means that not only are we reading in the western part of the world, but also acting "Ingridly" in the East too!

Though you may need a translator from Google or a text encoder-- check out Mike's website Here:

Thanks again Mike and thanks to everyone for reading and letting me know what you like/don't like! --it's always appreciated :)


Kinga said...

I'm glad you received the DVD and it works! ;))
enjoy the movie! it's a little bit strange film but I didn't find it THAT terrible :D :D :D
but I got quite shocked when I saw the old Charles Boyer :0

mika said...

Oh, So wonderful...

"Alexis , I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

before I find your interesting weblog I was in Flickr & Youtube, but recently Our Government filtered these 2 sites ! because of the post-election situaions ! .... ( see news )

Ingrid has many fans in Persia ( iran). and her biography book ( my story ) has translated
to persian by one of my good friend.

How could you guess my weblog name?! it was all persian !

please forgive me if my english is not very well.

Ingridly love from far

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