Saturday, August 15, 2009

TCM Classic Film Union

I don't know about you all but I'm slightly addicted to TCM CFU. I mean, it's a fantastic way to meet tons of classic film fans, find out what's going on on TCM and promote blogging!

I'd like to talk about a few people I've come in contact with via the CFU.
  • "AliciaHuberman"- Now obviously this name is an instant hit! Nothing like finding another Notorious fan lurking about CFU! Alicia... has a blog that, I think, everyone should check out. Go to and read about classic film, film and opinion. AH loves classic film, the 40s, slapstick, and tons of other genres and wants the blog to be a forum for discussion and insight.
  • "Jonavo"...if you look up this screen name you will find a hilarious picture of Jon and Ingrid. Jon has replaced Humphrey Bogart's face with his own. This drew me in immediately-- you should all become his friends on CFU, just for that.
  • "Veejay"- Veejay has reminded me that adding a ton of friends can be problematic if you don't pay attention to them. This is a good point. I want to be able to talk to the general CFU crowd, but due to the slow uploading pages and sometimes the abundance of messages and profile comments--it catches up to you! Though this is a good point-- I am trying my best. Veejay has a grand assortment of friends and is a good friend to have when on CFU. Connections. Connections.
My list of friends has grown, and I'm hoping that this will help all of the blogs that I interact with on here. Hopefully we can all catch a few eyes and get some new classic film fans hooked to our styles!
So here's for all of you bloggers I know are on CFU-- Let's get our blogs noticed by people who LOVE classic film! --if I haven't friended you--leave a comment with your SN!
  • "Notoriousdreamteam"
  • "KateGabrielle"
  • "RupertAlistair"
  • "Caliana"
My SN on CFU is "IngridBergmanFan" and I would love for you to be part of my network there!

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