Saturday, March 28, 2009

AFI Video: Ingrid Bergman

All Ingrid Bergman fans like to revel in the prodigiousness of her work and aura. The AFI likes to take the time to make lists that include our favorite actors. These videos they have made to show a summary of why we love who/what we love are generally powerful and well made. Here is a video from the AFI Top 100 list starring our favorite #4 actor of all time! When you watch the videos of various actors/actresses the ones done partially in a colored hue or b&w are for those who are deceased and normal color is for the living.
Enjoy Ingrid's video hosted partially by Goldie Hawn with whom she worked with while shooting Cactus Flower (this film won Goldie an Oscar for best supporting actress in a comedy).

Ingrid Bergman - Actress - Greatest Screen Legends
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