Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ingrid Art

I have seen many different types of artist mediums that depict Ingrid Bergman.
Some are better than others.
Andy Warhol did some pop art with images of Ingrid

I love these images. They are really unique and they follow the continuity of genius that Andy Warhol established.

They are, however, directly from images.

I would like to now address my friend Adi's art that is also pop art, and I feel is incredibly well done, but it is her interpretation of life, without the assistance of silk screen and direct imaging (not knocking Warhol, he was incredible and both Adi and I are fans!).

Adi does work from various images that she sees, people/animals/objects that surround her as well as her unique experiences in life. She does both color and black and white. I have the originals of two of the Ingrid drawings and someday they will be worth millions!
This is a drawing based on the various elements of Notorious. It was my birthday present and is now framed in my room. Notice the attention to detail, the tea cup, the bottle, the Cristo, the key...etc.

This Ingrid drawing is based straight out of Adi's brain. Yep, that's right. I think she did a great job with the eyes and lips in this picture. The colors and design really splash onto the paper with vibrancy and life.
When I asked her about her inspiration for this piece she said, jokingly at first,
I'm just amazing and too many years late. I wanted a different feel somewhere where Ingrid would not venture from what I knew of her at the seemed like the west was that. If she had been an Eskimo it would've been easier but boring.

She is extremely modest and will probably be mad at me for putting her art next to Andy Warhol's, but too bad; it's my blog and you're that good, Adi!

This picture is also framed in my room. It is based on a photo of Ingrid Bergman holding her head but as Adi says, it has been "picasso-fied and Adrienne styled...mostly picassofied." I love this picture and it is a really great use of simple colors with plenty of textures, patterns and shapes to make it wild!

If you are interested in hiring Adrienne or viewing her work you can visit various sites:
YoAdrienne's DiviantArt
Pickled Beetnik Blog

Please visit her and check out the rest of her stuff... it only gets better and she can draw you whatever you can think of! :)

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