Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comment Clarification

I was checking out a comment I received from last night's blog. It's from Lolita and it says:
Lolita said...

The Autumn Sonata was dubbed?!?! Blasphemy! On no. Why not have intertitles instead? Things like this makes me sad.

Great post! I really like your blog."

Maybe I should clarify.
It was dubbed in English for English speaking audiences... So really it was just so they could avoid subtitles when it was released Internationally, mostly for when it was released in the U.S.
Now, on DVD, it is kind of nice to have 2 options (Swedish or English) so if you look down for a minute or want to view the action and just listen, it's an option.*

You can watch Autumn Sonata with subtitles or English--NO WORRIES!! I <3 style="font-style: italic;">Autumn Sonata

Something that is not dubbed (beyond the normal post production tweaks);Ingrid played her own music in this one! YEY! Ingrid shows off bother her SKILLZZZZ and beauty while playing Chopin's Prelude Opus 28 #2. This scene is one of the best in cinematic history. The women are in two different worlds and both entirely selfish in what they want in life...anyway... Liv Ullman's part was dubbed by one of Ingmar Bergman's ex-wives (who was a concert pianist). But Ingrid is ALL Ingrid!

So I hope this helps to brighten your day and make all things Bergman clear!
This movie is a masterpiece and all Ingrid fans should see it. Her strength and endurance as well as her grace and prescence are all evident here, despite her fight with breast cancer and illness.

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