Saturday, March 28, 2009

Die Vier Geselle

In 1938 Ingrid Bergman was obligated, by a contract with the U.F.A. in Germany to complete a series of 3 films. Die Vier Gesellen or The Four Companions is one of the films she completed.
A couple facts about this film:
  • Ingrid refused to go to the concentration camps to see the Nazi "progress" in Germany. She was actually quite disinterested in politics, especially at this time and was never quite as "worldly" as most people assumed.
  • Her "Aunt Mutti" (Aunt Mommy) was a near and dear aunt while Ingrid was growing up but when the war came about, Aunt Mutti dated an SS officer and Petter Lindstrom did not care for this behavior. He and Ingrid stayed with them but refused to salute with the "Heil" (In some references it is said that Ingrid did salute in the house to keep from an uproar from her aunt, but never in public.).
  • Ingrid was nervous that one of Hitler's right hand men, Joseph Goebbels would want her company intimately (he had a reputation for liking actresses) and was told NOT to refuse him. He never called for her. She said that she probably "wasn't his type." Lol. She openly refused his company, though it never became a true issue.
  • They had to use large objects and taylor Ingrid's costumes during the shoot because she was pregnant with her daughter Pia during this time (She and Petter found out about the pregnancy during the shoot of A Woman's Face in Sweden, the place where Pia was later born).
  • One of the actresses on the film did go see the camps and said that it haunted her for the rest of her life. She said her husband made her and they later divorced, hinting that it helped cause a schism.
  • Ingrid never fulfilled her contract with U.F.A. because of the war and dangers it held. She was not associated with the Nazi Party and really held no political preferences. By the time her 3rd film would have come around, she was already busy with David O. Selznik in the US.
  • It was not uncommon for European actors, directors, creative types to be contracted out to various countries. Alfred Hitchcock was another who was lent to various companies. The issues of loyalties only happened due to the war and its cruelties.
I hope you enjoy these clips! :)

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Lolita said...

Too bad I don't know any German! I love your blog, by the way. This was a really interesting post!

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