Monday, March 23, 2009

On Set With Ingrid

Here is a photo collection of Ingrid while on set. Enjoy! They're a great window into the real Ingrid (I suppose!)

on the set of The Visit

On the set of For Whom The Bell Tolls

On the set of Saratoga Trunk with Gary Cooper

On the set of New Wine

On the set of Indiscreet with Cary Grant

On set of Gaslight with Marline Dietrich

On Set of Anastasia with Yul Brenner

On set of 24 Hours in a Woman's Life

On set of Indiscreet

On set with Gregory Peck shooting Spellbound

On set of Anastasia with a kitty.

On set of Joan of Arc

On set (in my fave dress of all time) of Anastasia

With Ingmar Bergman on set of Autumn Sonata

With Daughter Ingrid Isotta Rossellini of A Matter of Time

Chillin' in the sun during the Inn of Sixth Happiness shoot

Rehearsing English Country style dance with Cary Grant on the set of Indiscreet


Jojo said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you. I watched Inn ofhe Sixth Happiness as a child - it had a profound effect on me. I love IB's face. Think she was not a typical Hitchcock heroine though - too independent!

Lolita said...

She's beautiful! One of Sweden's greatest prides, no question about it.
I love the photo with IB and Yul Brynner! So neat. And her make up for A Matter of Time is really scary!

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